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•   Brian Kinzer (1985)  10/4
•   Melissa Bezio (Green) (1994)  10/2
•   Jolanta Bliumentalis (Dautas) (1979)  9/30
•   Brenda Asbury (1985)  9/26
•   Carl Marine (1984)  9/24
•   Donna Micco (Maxim) (1985)  9/23
•   James Nelson (1988)  9/17
•   Mike Faudree (1980)  9/17
•   Shawn Roland (1988)  9/17
•   Stephen Dienes (1984)  9/16
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•   Patty Dickerson (Valukievic) (1984)  10/6
•   Jill Gartner (Davis) (1989)  10/6
•   Edith Miller (Mzik) (1979)  10/6
•   Michelle Murton (Weimer) (1984)  10/6
•   Marsha Nunn (Hansen) (1999)  10/6
•   Ana Bernotas (Preston ) (1979)  10/7
•   Sandy Ford (Weaver) (1980)  10/7
•   Edward Locke (1999)  10/7
•   Patricia McCoy (1987)  10/7
•   Christina Biro (Kissinger) (1980)  10/8
•   Thomas Coyne (1987)  10/8
•   Julie Fornadel (Baker) (1985)  10/8
•   Christine Kahoun (Valaitis) (1984)  10/8
•   Tim Kennedy (1989)  10/8
•   James Nelson (1988)  10/8
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